Poll: equity release to fund a holiday – right or wrong?

I’ve just read a report from an equity release provider that surprised me.  It has a breakdown of what people use equity release for – the results show that the second most popular use is to fund a holiday.  Of course people have multiple uses for the money they release from their homes so it’s not quite as outrageous as it seems but still, 34% of people is a lot. We are talking about mortgaging your home after all.

I’ve written previously that I think it’s an irresponsible tactic to use holidays in marketing but I’m now having to challenge this. Given that so many people do use equity release to fund a holiday, isn’t it justifiable for equity release providers to use it in their marketing?  On the other hand… I heard a while back that people use haemorrhoid cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around their eyes but, oddly enough, I don’t recall Preparation H advertising this use!   

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