Recession and the rise of fascism

There are usually more extreme views, more selfish views, expressed when money and resources are scarce. What is slightly frightening is that it is happening to us so soon. Social unrest is spreading with riots in Greece, the French as always, are protesting about something (this is not a criticism – I love the fact that they take politics seriously and don’t just swallow the government propaganda), riots in Lithuania, Latvia and other parts of Europe.

Now Britain has wildcat strikes over the issue of foreign workers. The BNP were quick to take advantage of this new attitude. There is a real danger that they will see many more recruits to the BNP’s fascist agenda. Did anybody else see the ‘striker’ (BNP activist?) on the news last night refer to the Italians as “eye-ties”?

We should all try to keep things in perspective and think of the bigger picture. If there is no foreign demand for the UK’s exports then we all suffer. We can no longer operate without the rest of the world. Just look at the total collapse in exports currently being suffered by Japan. It’s worse than the collapse in the US in the 1930s. Look at factories closing in China as a result of falling demand.

It’s just so obvious that individual nations cannot take the beggar thy neighbour attitude without serious consequences. The trouble is that if all nations co-operated we would have a smoother ride but as soon as somebody doesn’t play the game and behaves selfishly they get an advantage. A nation’s leaders cannot be seen by the electorate to cede this advantage therefore we must all go for the less effective action – selfish protectionism from the outset.
At the very least Britain should remain a fully active member of the European Union. Let’s not let the fascist idiots drag us down the least productive and frankly rather disturbing path they promote.


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